Check the video report and all the pictures of the go skateboarding day in #Catania on
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Ok.. it’s true, we spent our last weekend at Creedence Skatepark, skateing as crazy our favourite DIY.
On sunday the park was on fire for the Etnies Eco Day, and we skated super hyped and horny.

I spent all my money in beers, water (just a few, i swear) and hot dogs, happy, knowing that for every beer i was drinking the pool cooping was getting longer. True. All the money goes for cement to build more stuff to skate. Those guys are lovely, don’t you think?

So we skated for 3 best tricks, Enimol Toddy aka Mattia Todero (with all the Arena Crew) works constantly at the park and he still have energies to kill it. 100 tricks all around the park.. so much style!! adgbhdfpñgdghfgh!! speed, my friend, SPEEED!

Enimol Lerri tryed to kill a child blunting the china wall, as shown in the pic below:
At the end he landed it fackie, he got more horny. Luckly he fell asleep alone in the grass.

But, BUT! The real good new comes from Roberto aka Lo Spesso Sacchetti, He got 3rd, and he won an Enimol Board! good job bro, keep the money in the company!

Oh, I’d like to thanks Luca Liuk Fortini for his great video report, man you didn’t miss a trick. (magari tu fossi così abile con le damigelle quando ti trascino per bar a Barcelona…. pfui!).
Osde ( <3 ) for these pictures I’m stealing from Share Skateboarding.
Seba Rossi, Capo, Kendall, Todero and all the Crew from Arena. This was so good. the park is great, and your hot dogs are the shiiiiiiit! keep on building please!
Thanks to my english teacher.

Ah! E comunque il trick più peso del video resta il rock to fackie del Ciappi sul pol jam. Non sbaglia un colpo. Io l’ho provato, ogni volta sono stato accarezzato dalle fredde dita della morte. Respect.

ciao, compra Enimol.

After showing up on kingpin, Enimol Lerri, is skateing around with good friends, motivation and dirty clothes.

Today our Friend Pierre Prospero had an interview on Transworld with selected pictures shoot during his skate trips around the world, and Davide is there.

Thanks Pierre for all your motivation!

Sorry, I’m on rush, need to go skate. So i’m not gonna write anything else. See you in the streeetsssss! :*