Sometimes, after filming all day, you think the sesh is over, but suddendly one beer appears and the National Geographic instinct comes out. So you take your phone and in 20 minutes you have enough footage for this kind of random clip.

Happiness is Beers, Banks and Friends.

Mr. Daniel Weiss just mounted an Enimol board and he’s testing it at the new skatepark in Les Corts, Barcelona. You can see how nollie flips come out with our unique and sugarfree wood. @doloreskateboarding #bcn #enimol @shareskateboarding @4skateboardmag @kabelatapler

Enimol skateboards compisce gli anni
il primo giorno di primavera
i primi bocciuoli sbocceranno 
in una frenetica orgia di odori e api
a noi non frega un’ostiah perché i nostri gomiti sono 
per l’asfalto.

Lerri at the #dcembassy with @dumb_skateboards and @pierreprospero. Somtimes you can have fun in skateparks ;) #enimol #bcn #skateboarding



End of the story.

Some month ago I had the chance to meet this sicilian living legend,
and now his video part is out! 

Watch it, enjoy end I’m going to skateeee!

Bravo Peppe!

MAYBE, we will get some footage from Lerri really soon. After years of free boards is better you filmed something, buddy! Thanks @mcjager89 and @dumb_skateboards for filming this… “Person”. @frisco_shop #enimol #skateboarding #bcn

there are no chances to be free

Veneto indipendente. Subito.

Couple of days in Veneto HC with good friends and skateboarding (birra and pizze included).

smartphone or die.